who we are

We develop independence,
one child at a time.

We are based in Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa

Registered under Section 18A of the Income Tax Act

We aim to help children develop and progress to their true potential while providing support to parents and families desperately in need.
The program recognises the uniqueness of each child and is geared to addressing the needs of each individual child.

Mission Statement
• To enable the children with special needs to develop to the best of his/her ability and potential.
• To empower parents with children with special needs.
• To improve the quality of life of the whole family
• To provide a facility which will reach out within and beyond the borders of South Africa.
• To give glory to God

• Parent consultations
• One-on-one intervention and tutoring
• CAPS Adapted Independent specia needs school (JP-G7)
• SNAP Lite
• Home Programs and Distance Training
• Training parents, teachers, facilitators and tutors
• Southern Suburbs Tutoring (Cape Town)


Western Cape

SNAP was developed due to the demand in the Cape Town area (South Africa) for specialised aid for children who require exceptional care and teaching with regard to their learning and development.
As the waiting list for children to be assessed and enrolled at the schools for learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) grew, the necessity for early intervention became evident.


Annalies van Rijswijk

As an experienced senior teacher, she was requested to develop a home program for children on their waiting list. She was also responsible for administering and monitoring this program, as she is a firm believer in early intervention for a better prognosis.
The program was aimed at enabling children to progress while still being on the waiting list and, simultaneously, providing the support parents so desperately needed.



At the same time the need for a personalised one-to-one approach with more immediate results arose, due to the fact that the pupil-teacher ratio in the classes at the specialised schools increased.
The program was aimed at enabling children to progress while still being on the waiting list and, simultaneously, providing the support parents so desperately needed.


SNAP (Special Needs Adapted Program)

Helping children develop their true potential.

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Monday to Friday | 9,00am to 4,30pm

9 De Dam Street, Vierlanden, Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa, 7550

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+27 (0) 21 975 7224

reception@snap.org.za (SNAP EDUCATION)
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we create new horizons

regular courses throughout the year as well as customized training where necessary

Since 2007 SNAP has been training parents, tutors, teachers and other professionals in how to workwith children in their care. With a passionate training department we have shared our expertise with hundreds of people around the country and even outside the borders of South Africa, helping to make a difference in the lives of children and their families, teachers and therapists.

SNAP offers regular courses throughout the year as well as customized training where necessary

• Introduction to Autism
• Facilitators training
• Customized Training:
     - Role play in Autism
     - Helping the Asperger in my class
     - Interventions for children with Autism
     - How to help a child with phonics and reading
     - Anger management (The Toolbox)

For customized training and other queries please contact Carol Vikos - carol@snap.org.za or reception@snap.org.za

Download our training brochure here

Parent Consultations

Parents are seen by our director, Annalies van Rijswijk, and given emotional support in making decisions about the child’s immediate future. Practical advice and guidance on how to deal with the child’s difficult behaviours, questions of family and friends and future decisions are given.

During a 3 hour session the child is evaluated and the parents share their concerns and problems.

Intervention and Tutoring

help improve developmental delays


When a child starts on the SNAP Programme it is highly recommended that one-on-one intervention is given by way of tutoring to help improve developmental delays the children often struggle with. A variety of methods are used with a high success rate. Interventions include Applied Behaviour Analysis, TEACHH, Floortime, RDI, PECS and many other internationally proven methods.

Each child receives a unique tutoring program designed specific to the needs of the child the program is monitored and adapted by an assigned program manager the tutor who works with the child. The program is adapted to address areas of deficits and sets clear goals towards achieving progress in the areas of language, cognitive, social, emotional etc.

Download the SNAP Education Information here

CAPS Ad Independent Special Needs School

Junior prep – Grade 7

SNAP has the following classes available with a maximum of 8 children per class. Staff includes a teacher and usually one teachers assistants. The normal WCED Curriculum is used but adapted for the special needs of our learners.

Download the SNAP Academy Information here

Tutoring & Distance Training

local and international

Due to the great need and the very limited help available for children on the Autism spectrum the SNAP centre offers distance TUTORING AND TRAINING. The DISTANCE PROGRAM provides parents and caregivers the opportunity to receive training in working with their children and dealing with developmental, behavioural, social, emotional and sensory challenges. The parents work hand-in-hand with a trained tutor.

Every child is assessed and receives a program to address his or her challenges with which the parents can continue working at home. Long-distance support and program upgrades are provided by a program manager. Families from all over South Africa and neighboring countries like Namibia and Botswana have benefited from SNAP Distance Training Programs.

Snap Lite

SNAP Lite is an affordable intervention program offering one and two hour session during the week and on Saturdays. It is compulsory for parents and/or caregivers to attend the sessions with the child so that what has been started at SNAP can be continued at home. Parents can book SNAP Lite sessions as and when they wish to.

For more information regarding SNAP Lite sessions:reception@snap.org.za


Southern Suburbs Tutoring

SNAP now offers a variety of options for children and parents living in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, focusing on one-on-one tutoring programs and learning support.

For more information about the Southern Suburbs programs please email Carol Vikos at carol@snap.org.za